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Water Park Feasibility Report

Water Park Feasibility Report

The feasibility report of the water park project is the general planning of the water park project, covering the background of the water park, investment amount, market environment, local policies and climate and other aspects, which determine the operation of the project construction and project construction. So what the aqua Park feasibility report includes?

The first reason is the preface, which mainly includes the past, current situation and trend of the market environment such as urban economic status, local GDP and tourism development direction. There is room for development of upcoming construction projects. 

The second one is an overview. The main content is the specific circumstances of the water park, such as area, investment quotas, contractors, project construction background and construction feasibility summary. 

The third one is the necessity of project construction, such as the need of tourism development; the improvement of the single tourism industry in the country and the backward entertainment facilities; the full utilization of resources, the realization of economic benefits and the realization of the general requirements of local tourism planning. 

The fourth one is the possibility of construction. The main factors need to be described in detail, such as: geographical location; climate status; water resources status; topography and traffic conditions. 

The fifth one is the several aspects that need to be discussed in the project construction plan: the planning and design of the water park project; the construction scale of the water park project and the project composition; the theme design of the water park; the overall layout of the project construction and the drawings of the project construction. 

The sixth one is the project water quality, such as environmental impact assessment; fire and safety management. 

The seventh one is the benefit analysis, such as social benefit analysis and economic benefit analysis. 

The eighth one is consumer analysis, such as consumer structure analysis and the consumer demand analysis. 

The ninth one is the research conclusions and recommendations.

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