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Playground safety points

Playground safety points

Firstly, the allowable value of acceleration is included by taxing classes such as "roller coasters." This is because when the roller coaster descends from the highest point to the lowest point, the speed is very high and the acceleration is great. To ensure that passengers are not harmed, the acceleration should be limited within a certain range.

Secondly, an increase of various loads, such as the wind load, because when the wind in six or more, the speed of their own coupled with the impact of the throne may be thrown out, is very dangerous, you must stop the rides Run.

Thirdly, the safety factor has been adjusted to some extent. Originally a common material can meet the safety requirements, there is no need to use special materials. The previous safety factor set too high, resulting in material waste and increased costs.

Fourthly, new requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis have been added.

Fifthly, the increase of water amusement facilities safety standards

Sixthly, the revocation of the revolving rides limit the maximum speed, and the use of acceleration allowable value control.

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