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Outdoor fitness equipment from Jiananmeidi

Outdoor fitness equipment from Jiananmeidi

Outdoor path is outdoor fitness equipment, also known as community fitness equipment professional name. Outdoor installation and fixed for people to exercise fitness equipment and facilities.

Equipment safety service life of 8 years.

Power equipment

Some exercise equipment can be compared with the gym equipment. In addition, the horizontal bar pull-ups, parallel bars stretching their arms is also a good way to practice strength

Bouncing equipment

Erected height cards, horizontal beams are helpful to the legs bounced equipment. Use these devices on the run or jump in place to help keep the legs bouncing ability

Sensitive devices:

Plum plum feet, hands rotating the turntable, you can practice hands and feet, the brain's responsiveness and limbs and brain coordination.

Flexible equipment

Clamping the leg or standing on the railing (or ribs) to pull the ligament or overhanging the leg, can improve joint flexibility.

Endurance-type equipment

Similar to the treadmill, you can run a run in the above, the same running. Of course, outdoor fitness equipment has many uses, the above classification is not absolute. According to their own physical condition, the combination of use is more appropriate.

Outside the fitness equipment more types, the market is often now: 

leg massage, Zaner, skiers, pedal device, upper limb retractor, dangling wheels, children's seesaw, back massage, children's swing, abdominal muscles Board, waist back extender, parallel bars, single column jianji.

sitting type massager, linkage exercise bike, children swing chair, vertical seesaw, sit up massager, climbing pole, Single-column children's swing, Pull-in trainer, Swivel wheel, Abdominal muscle training equipment, Leg massage, Leg clamp, Taichi push plate, Turn waist, Stretch back, Walker, Machine, Seated Pivot, Inverters, Tai Chi wheel, Children's swivel chair, Elevated height, Lower extremity rehabilitation device, Weight Extensometer.

Self-weight upper limb thruster, Weight kicker trainer, Lower Limb Kneepower, Sitting Back Massager, Weight Pressing Exercise Machine, Hula Hoop, Running Machine, Exercise Bike, Sitting Tilting Device, Pushing Hands, Taiji Pusher, Back Massager, Torso Device , Space walker, twist waist stepper, climb , Rope ladder, rings, Alice rod, ladder, arm trainers, horizontal bars, abdominal board, treadmill, tai chi kneader, stretcher, sitting Rally.

Double Rowing, thruster, pulling trainer, recommended Trainer, down trainer, quadriceps, pedal device, calf trainer, stepper combination, seesaw, semicircle pedal ladder, ladder, torsion waist treadmill, rock climbing, children's leisure swing chair, leisure swing Chair, leisure chair, children's swing, upper limb tractor, horizontal bar, parallel bars, swing, swing chair, ladder, space walking machine.

Jogging machine, treadmill, elliptical walking machine, outdoor rehabilitation equipment, outdoor massage machine, , Sit-up bed, seesaw, climbing rope, climbing pole, rings, wall, climbing wall, foot pile, balance beam, pontoon, floating footing, Fixed children's slides, children's paradise and so on.

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